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We like to welcome you on the site from Detection Systems Holland. For over 20 years we are in business selling and buying metaldetectors. We do sell metaldetectors starting for the young ones up to the professional treasure hunter. We have different translations for several metaldetectors (French, Turkish, German).

We do not only deliver to the treasurehunter but we also sell metaldetectors for security (walktrough & handheld metaldetectors) and other purposes.(Mine detectors, pipe and cable detectors etc)

We also like to buy second hand metaldetectors so if you want to sell your old unit please don't hesitate and sent us an email with all the details concerning the detector.

If you need information about our detectors we always can sent you (on your request) an English catalog or leaflet. Just sent us an email with your specific questions and we shall answer you as soon as possible.

As our site is made in the Dutch language we give you a small translation about some items which can be of interest for you. It's impossible to translate all the detector finds because we do not know the English words for it.

Detectoren : Metaldetectors (White`s, Minelab, Tesoro, Pulsstar, etc.)
Duikdetectors : Diving (underwater) metaldetectors
Diepzoekers : Deepseeking metaldetectors (up to 6 meters)
Gouddetectors : Special Golddetectors
Beveiliging : Security ( handheld & walkthrough detectors)
Bedrijfsdetectors : Detectors for: wood, pipe & cable, wall, electricity etc
Jongerendetectors : Detectors for the starting treasurehunter
Magneten : Magnets with a pullpower of 70kg (underwater purposes)
Schatzoeken : Digital searchgame. Find your first treasure!!!!
Bodemvondsten : Finds

Metaalvondsten : All kinds of metalfinds
Aardewerk : All kinds of Pottery
Steengoed : Pottery
Glaswerk : All kinds of Bottles & Glass
Schatvondsten : Real treasures (hoards)

You can always contact us by email, however when personal contact is required please don't hesitate to contact us by fax or telephone:

FAX : ** 31383636480
Tel : ** 31383636591
email : info@metaaldetectors.nl

Our shop is situated near the city ZWOLLE about 100 km west of the Germanborder and 100 km east of Amsterdam, the capital of Holland. Of course we like to welcome you in our shop during your stay in Holland and maybe we can supply you with some good metaldetecting spots. We see you than....!

Best regards,

Detection Systems Holland.

Rudy de Heer.